Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Beginning Of Many

The mornings are dark. 8am feels more like 5am. But the days, the days are gorgeous. It's been sunny here pretty much every day since we've been here. Blessing. And the temperature isn't bad either. About two days ago it was +8. I won't argue with +8! 

This year we started out by playing cards and drinking wine. Not a bad way to bring in (or is it ring in?) the new year. But then we got straight to work. And by straight to work I mean we chatted and prayed about what we goals and dreams we want to see come to fruition. And then we asked God for a year verse for our little family. Here's what was brought to mind, twice: 

"We have also heard what he did to the two Amonite Kings east of the Jordan River - King Sihon of Heshbon and King Og of Bashan (who lived in Ashtoroth). So our leaders and our people instructed us, 'Prepare for a long journey. Go meet with the people of Israel and declare our people to be their servants, and ask for peace.'" Joshua 9:10-11 NLT

What are the first words that pop out at you from that verse? Could it be "ask for peace"? or how about "We have also heard..."? Well, for Ben it was, surprise surprise: "PREPARE FOR A LONG JOURNEY." Hmmm....what kind of long journey are we talking about here? A physical journey? Are we moving somewhere even farther away? An emotional journey? Is something going to happen while we are here that we need to prepare for? Or how about just the fact that we've moved here is a journey and it might be longer than we are anticipating? Either way we haven't reached any conclusive answers. We did however read the entire chapter 9 and have come to realize that it could have several different meanings, for the one's who were speaking in those particular verses were the one's deceiving the Israelites. I think we'll keep praying about this one.

So we are very excited about this new year and this new beginning for us. This is a chance for us to learn and grow on our own, which we both feel is a good thing. We are excited to press into our relationship with God and with each other. 

Adelynne is growing and learning and active. She is sitting up on her own very very well and is actually playing with her toys. She has this one toy from Grandpa Greg & Grandma Cori's house that requires some pushing and pulling. She LOVES it. She can now pull down the spider and this other pulley thingy all on her own.

It's been so neat to watch her as she has been growing and becoming more and more aware of things, and interested in things, and just much more interactive with her toys. She is so happy, and content. She giggles and laughs so much, and she thinks her daddy is a riot. It brings pure joy to both of our hearts. I am in awe of this little tiny being. 

Feeding her food has been fun. Feeding times do take much longer now because she likes to stick her thumb in her mouth after every couple of bites. Maybe this helps her get the food down, I'm not sure.  She seems to like yams, banana with ground oats, and sips of water from our glass the best. But I'm not so sure the banana likes her: her eczema has worsened a bit, and the banana didn't seem to digest very well! It kinda freaked me out...I won't go into details...but it was messy! Regardless of the mess & extra time, it's fun and we're excited to start expanding her palate :)  

The sun is shining, which means the day has started, so let the new beginnings begin! There are lots of good times and blessings ahead!


  1. Good job little Momma!! It's so great to read this and hear your voice in the words :) Along with all your friends I need to tell you I miss you so much. It's awful. At the same time I am thrilled to pieces that you are on this wicked awesome journey. So incredibly proud of you. Keep your chin up, eyes on the prize and hope in the LORD. Love to you all, Teresa xoxo

  2. Thanks so much for writing a blog, Rebecca. It's so great to hear how you and Ben are doing. Adelynne is such a sweet little bundle of joy. What a blessing she is! I miss you at Bible Study. It isn't the same without you. We prayed last week that you would meet some other moms and that you would get connected quickly there. Keep the blogs coming and God bless you guys!
    Love and Hugs,