Friday, January 27, 2012

Family Addition

I guess its been more than week since I last wrote, which for me doesn't seem like that big of a deal because well, let's face it, we're doing the same stuff here that we'd do back home. Not too exciting.

But I suppose there are few new things here. 

We've tried two churches out now - one liked, the other, not so much. The first one we went to a couple of Ben's friends suggested we try it out. We were a tad late (but that's not all that surprising now is it), so the worship through music had already started. We found a seat, and then I started to look around, ya know, to take it all in. I wasn't so fond of what I was seeing...or rather not seeing....Children! There were no children in the first part of the service!! Well, that's not entirely true, there was this one little girl, but she was just with whom I'm assuming was her mom and she was old enough to sit well on her own. But that's it! I felt very out of place and didn't want Ady to make too much noise. Another thing I noticed was how all the music team was standing in a nice row at the back of the stage...and there was the "lead" singer....standing front and centre. It was quite the show. And unfortunately my ears weren't too appealed by what was coming out either....but, I honestly am very particular about the type of voices I like to listen to...

Thankfully the second church we went to was much more soul-settling. For me it felt like a mix between my two home churches: Eden Mennonite & the Vineyard. I didn't think that was even possible!! From the outside the church seems very large, but the sanctuary itself is a lot smaller than anticipated, which was a pleasant surprise. People were friendly; babies and children could be seen throughout the pews; the band was together. Heck, we felt so comfortable in this church that, wait for it...we put Ady into the nursery during the sermon!! Holy heck!! Well, I did nearly have a heart-attack, and I think there may have been a couple tears well-up for a moment or two...but I dropped her off. AND (well this is no surprise) she did well! The lady said she was so happy and content the whole time! Oh, thank the Lord! I know it's a good thing, for both her and me, but it still doesn't make it any easier! Thankfully though, a good friend gave me some wise words: 

"It will be good for Ady to learn that when you drop her off somewhere that you will always come back and get her... This will build her confidence for school and when you start leaving her with babysitters etc.... She will feel more confident because she knows that you will come back."

Ah yes, wise words indeed...thank you good friend...thank you...
So what else is new you might be asking? Well let me tell you! We have finally gotten rid of our thorn-in-the-side car! Hallelujah! The giant money-pit is now gone and I believe that's all that needs to be said about that one!

Ben is doing well. Still loving his job. This week he was sent to Whitecourt. It can be a little tough (kudos to all single parents out there!!) but at least he's not out of work. For that, I am grateful. He's gone there next week too...and supposedly the week after that too....I'm very grateful for the work and that he really enjoys his job & co-workers & bosses!

I have still been working on the home, unpacking, and playing with our little beautiful baby. Oh but wait! How could I forget!?! What's new you asked?? Well we welcomed the newest member of our family today: Frank!! Frank is my long-awaited goldfish! Yes, that's right, I have always wanted a goldfish for a pet, but never wanted to buy one myself (but thinking back now, for $0.43 why wouldn't I?!) I always wanted one as a gift. Ben is wonderful that way, he wants to buy me things, so today, he came home with this lovely little gift! Ahh, so happy to have a new member of the family :) 

So back to what you've all really just been wanting to hear about anyway: Adelynne. Well, she is doing well. Unfortunately we did have to cut food out because of some old symptoms arising back up (Grandparents please do not worry, or fret, or lose sleep over this - if I, her mommy, am not losing sleep over it, neither should you). We cut it out for a week, and then we just reintroduced homemade brown rice cereal. She seems to be doing well with it, and she's eating it much better than when it was first introduced! She's not crawling yet, but I believe that once everything, or rather that one thing, is taken care of, then she'll be all over the place! And, say what you will, but I believe that just like I had to have that darn bookshelf cleaned spotless before her arrival, I will have to have that one thing done & taken care of too before I have to be chasing her around. Ady is doing really well in other areas though. Her babbling is improving. She likes the "da's" the most. Ben is the "eager parent" and likes to believe that she's saying "da-da" as in, "daddy." Mind you other day as I was changing her I could have sworn she said daddy...but then again I haven't heard it since....The formula we have her on is super expensive, so I had a sample of some lactose-free formula that I thought I'd give a try. Unfortunately it didn't work out; she got an instant rash that took several days to clear up. Looks like she's allergic to the cows milk protein and we'll have to stick to the expensive stuff. 

Today I had Ady playing with the mirror. It was so cute! She was "kissing" herself in the mirror! Ha! Adorable! I did try to get some photo's of this, but she's learning to love the camera, and would look at me every time I tried. Sooner or later I'll nab one though! We also have this really large mirror in our bedroom, and so I sat down with Ady in front of it, and things changed a little. She would move forward, to reach out and touch her "mirror friend" but then notice that her "mirror friend" moved forward too and so she would sit back as fast as possible! This, I must admit, was quite humorous! She's becoming more and more interactive, and she's still a little bundle of joy, always laughing at daddy and giving mommy the best smiles in the world. She loves to put everything in her mouth and likes to chuck things (which is apparently a real stage at this age - I looked it up). She's also started giving hugs & kisses to us - not on command obviously, but it's ridiculously wonderful. I'm so grateful for this little piece of heaven...*sigh*

Well, I should bid you adieu. I am looking forward to hearing all of you updates as well *hint*hint*

Good night! Love, 
The Little Schartner Family ~ Ben, Rebecca, Adelynne, & Frank

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