Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Day of Love

Ahh Valentines Day. Commercialism, Cynicism, Contorted history stories. I decided to look up how Valentines day came about. It's actually Saint Valentines Day; originally meant to honour a man who wouldn't bend on his faith and therefore received the gift of death. It amazes me how time can take an honourable day and turn into a day to buy buy buy. Don't get me wrong, I love Valentines day, but for a very valid reason I think: it's the day that I actually fell in love with my husband. The day he told me that I was worth it, and that he wasn't going anywhere. For him it is also significant, because it is the day he won my heart. And it all just happened to happen on the same day that has so conveniently been labelled the day of ironic for me...

This Valentine's day Ben is away working yet once again in Whitecourt. So I had a lovely day with our precious little baby: tidied the bedrooms, cleaned the bathroom, finished reading a book, and the best part, a walk around Muskoseepi Park, enjoying the crisp fresh air, clear blue sky, and the stillness of winter. It's also great fun to watch Ady look around and take it all in. She seems to enjoy being outside, which is great.

Her Name I painted for her
Ady's been getting big, and she's now right on track growth wise. Just under 17lbs. Thankfully she doesn't feel that heavy. She's just about crawling now. She goes up on her knees and tries to move forward; she ends up moving backwards more than forwards. And she rolls around like it's the best thing since breast milk. Thankfully, I've gotten pretty much everything complete that I've wanted to before having her begin crawling around. Nearly everything has been put in it's spot, and I've completed a couple projects that I've been working on.
Ady swimming with Daddy

A couple of weeks ago we finally took Ady swimming in a pool. We've been to the lake before, but not too a pool. It turned out to be both a good and bad experience. This leisure centre is massive; in the pool alone they have a dive-board-only section, a fairly large adult swimming section (for lengths, etc.), two hot tubs (one family, one not), a sauna, two slides, a faux-surfboarding area, two kids play areas, and a whirl-pool type area. A ton of people. We started off taking Ady into the baby/little kids area, and she seemed to do OK there. We put her on her tummy a bit and had her sitting and playing, and thankfully I was warned about this giant bucket that fills up with water and eventually tips over, creating quite the splash. Then we moved to the family hot tub, which was still OK because the temperature was that similar to a warm bath for Ady. But then, then we decided to check out more of the pool; the area where the water whirls quickly. At this point Ady is a little shaken up because of all the noise, which she is not use to. Over one part of this area there are several rows of buckets that fill up and then dump water; not really my idea of fun. Turns out it's not Ady's either. Ben thinks it'll be OK to take her through and they seemed to be doing pretty good until the end, which is when a full bucket decides to tip over...right on top of Ady & Ben...well that's more fun for her! The crying begins! She was terrified, horrified even! Her world was coming to an end. Eventually she calmed down, and we went around again, by-passing the tipping buckets. We didn't get around it uneventfully though: Ady decides this whirling-water business is just too much for her and she throws up, causing one little boy to swim away quite quickly. All-in-all it was a pretty decent first-time swim in a pool. Unfortunately we'll have to save-up to go swimming again seeing as it costs an arm and a leg to get in...

Some sad news, our newest family member passed away: Frankie the fish decided that his fish bowl was too small and just couldn't see a way out. I for one, am deeply saddened by this.

We still haven't decided on a church yet. We've gone to the same church three times now. This past Sunday went to the early service again because both Ben and I feel that our day gets swallowed up when we attended the late service. There is one particular thing about the early service that Ben is not too keen on: the dancers. There is a group of women all in long skirts and some sort of traditional garb who are all in a row and dance with tambourine-like instruments. It is slightly unusual. And can be very distracting. Ben doesn't feel that this is the particular church for us; he feels like something is missing and would like to keep "shopping" around. I was doing OK with it...until the end of this past service when I went to pick Ady up that is. I was already hesitant to drop her off because she was seeming a little off, not quite as content as she usually she, but I went and put her in anyway. When I came to pick her up the lady asked me a question or two, and then told me that they gave her a cookie. I stopped and stared at the woman. Shocked. "What?! We don't feed her food yet. We have her on some oatmeal. She has digestive issues." "Oh, the other girl just gave her a piece. It was just an arrowroot cookie" As if an arrowroot cookie makes it OK. I was appalled! "Well did you fill out a green form?" "We're new here, we've only been a couple of times." "Well are you going to be coming, would you like one?" "I don't know we have to discuss it." In retrospect this conversation did not go as I would have liked it to go; which let's face it, is probably for the better anyway. I'm just appalled by the fact that someone would feed a child that they do not know; they didn't even look for a green sheet!! She's only 7months old!! Today it's the unfortunate reality that more kids have more allergies; therefore, in my view, you don't just feed a child something without first asking the parent. Now, I understand that some of you might be thinking, what's the big deal, it's just an arrowroot. But for me, the big deal is that number one: Ady has an allergy to milk products. That fact alone should be suffice enough for validation on my feelings. Number two: Even if we were giving her more than just homemade brown rice cereal and ground oats, we still aren't giving her cookies loaded with sugar and preservatives. Today there are many parents who really monitor what goes into their children, and I just happen to be one of them. Needless to say, I now have a sour taste in my mouth. *Sigh* I assumed it was just common sense not to feed a child without asking their parent first; I guess not, which means from now on I will be very specific with my instructions when I leave her places. I will eventually get over this; I know it is not the end of the world.

Other than those few little things, not much else is new around here. I've been making a mental pros-cons list for Alberta, and currently I have to say, they are fairly even. On top of the pros list is the fact that it's sunny ALL THE TIME here. Amazing really. And the 5% tax. Man does that ever make a difference!

I hope you're all well. Take care and Happy Valentines Day.

By the way...the story of Valentine didn't end with just him being martyred, it ended with him writing a note to his love and signing, Your Valentine. This where we get the tradition of writing love notes on this day. So I hope you all got a love note of some kind.

With love: Rebecca, Ben, and Adelynne

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