Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Adventures In Daily Change

Well, our anniversary has birthday has past...and now Thanksgiving has past too. Did I mention summer has past by as well? We are now officially into fall weather up here. But summer did last into very late September, and it was beautiful!

Adelynne is now 15 months old, and I am 18 weeks along - and therefore we are both growing and changing a lot. Adelynne learns/does something new pretty much everyday. I am always overjoyed when she does something new, and rightfully so. I believe every parent should be ecstatic when a new challenge overcome or new skill is conquered. As we grow older we begin to take for granted the little things that we can do, and the things we know. Ady now knows a bunch of her body parts: nose, ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, head, toes, fingers, hair, belly button (which she is so enamoured with!), and tummy. It's quite adorable to watch her point them out when we ask her where all those parts are: she pats her head continuously...pokes herself in the eye...wiggles her fingers while at the same time pointing to them with each hand. She is also saying a lot more words as well as signing more too. She's known dog and dad/daddy/dadda, and done for awhile now. She now knows sock, shoe, poop (yes, poop, in my early attempts to potty train, I would like her to be able to tell me when she needs to poop or has gone - I WILL have her completely potty trained before next baby Schartner comes along!!). Her signing has greatly improved - she had refused to sign please for quite some time, and then one day she just decided to do it. We were thrilled!! So she signs and says please, done, more, and play. We're working on thank-you. And we know that she knows a bunch of other words (she's learning things through books we read), because she has quite the extensive "Ady-Vocab." Everywhere we go people always comment on two things: how happy she is and how much she talks. And when she talks, she knows exactly what she is saying.

So not only is Adelynne growing in what she can say, sign, and find, her food tastes and sleeping habits are now changing too. Where as before my lovely little eater would eat everything but green beans, her diet now mostly consists of plain Greek yogourt (with honey & hemp hearts), any white cheese, bananas, and rice pasta (only if it's not leftovers though). Oh, as well as the energy bars, chia squares and coconut squares I make (which can be found here). But this is far from my choice!! Not to mention it has created a problem for bath times....which is oddly enough helping for potty training....So I am learning to become more creative with food. I thought the other day that by mixing the small-cut veggies into the pasta sauce she would eat them right along with the pasta. Wrong. Next time I am going to blend them up...yummy....

"Blinking" her eyes
Adelynne is learning how to be a really good copycat. She has already learned how to click her tongue, and she has been trying to snap her fingers for awhile now. She has recently decided that "blinking" her eyes is a lot fun and will copy you when you do it. It's actually quite humours to watch :)  

What else can I tell you about my beautiful little babe? Well, she loves to use cutlery now, and almost refuses to use her hands. She can drink from a straw (this was a long one - I know some kids get it right away, she was not one of them). She loves helping me in the kitchen. Enjoys colouring - expect when I take them away because she's eating them. But it was exciting when she finally saw how the crayons work on paper. She has a lot of fun colouring. Not so much with "magic mud" though (which is cornstarch & water). For some reason she doesn't like certain things on her hands, and this is one of those textures she just doesn't like.
A meal Ady actually enjoyed :)

Enjoying some colouring

Using her fork!
Eating a snack while helping mommy make cake
Look how tall she's getting!!!
Gotta get that finger in there to test the product!!

She LOVES the necklace from Hawaii!

In other news Ben has started his fourth and final year of electrical theory. This means that in less than three months he will be a journeyman. This then means that he will have a higher wage, which will result in us being able to pay down our debts at a faster rate. We are excited for this. Very excited.

Well I would like to update you on a few other things but my daughter is beckoning me...


  1. Hi buddy
    So nice to read your update. The munchkin is growing so fast!!! And so are you :) Exciting.
    It looks like you are having a lot of fun with her. What a treat. They change so fast. We are really noticing that with Izzie.
    I have loved my Bill Bryson book. It is LOL funny. Thanks again.
    We need to catch up pretty lady
    xoxox Teresa

  2. I love being able to see pics and hear a bit of how you're doing. Take care! Can't wait for more news :)

    Love Kristen