Thursday, November 15, 2012

Adventures in Shamelss Plugs

Before I actually get into my post here, I just wanted to share two important things, that you are ALLOWED to spread the news about!!

1. I deactivated my Facebook profile; I didn't delete you as a friend.

2. We moved northern, we didn't die.

There seems to be some confusion on these two truths. I know it might be hard to fathom, but both of those statements are VERY true. Simply put, I understand that it does take more effort to keep in contact when someone moves away and deactivates something so huge such as Facebook. BUT there are plenty of avenues to keep in touch with us Schartner's up here (e-mail, snail-mail, phone, this blog, our picture site). So if there is a preferred method for you and you need some info, then feel free to ask :) Also, at the risk of sounding rude, or harsh, or whatever you think, I would like to point out that it also takes effort for us to keep relationships going. We know people have busy lives back home; we also have busy lives up here. Therefore, we do tend to put more effort in where effort is reciprocated. If someone isn't taking any time to keep in contact with us, then the chances of us drifting apart and us not seeing them at home visits is obviously much higher. This is reality, not meant to hurt anyone's feelings.

Now that that's out of the way, lets get to this! A bit ago I had decided that I was going to start typing shorter blogs more frequently. So much for that one. But it's not because I don't want to, rather it's because I am trying to spread my time between multiple things: parenting, marriage, housekeeping, pregnancy, trying to make new friends, Bible study & homework, reading/personal time and building a business. With so many things on the go, and without a time increase, it can be hard to juggle many things and give the appropriate time to each one. And I'm finding that things don't just take 5 quick minutes any longer...

This post (as the title suggests) I am going to share with you what has become a large part of my life: building a home business. Now, most get squirmish and negative when this comes up. There are many opinions that come out of the woodwork when network marketing comes into the conversation...and too much, I am learning, is negative, unprecedented, and ill-informed. So for this post, I am going to encourage you to read without judging; keep an open-mind. You might find something you've been looking for ;o)

The home business that I am trying to build is with the company SendOutCards (SOC). I originally got started with this company just before I got married so that I could have an easier way to send out my invites and my thank-you cards. Then, I fell in love with the system. I could send a card with the click of a button; I know longer had to remember to get stamps or envelopes, or remember to drop the card in the mail. This was awesome. Not to mention I could send a gift with my card if I chose to! Fan-freaking-tastic!!

But building the business then wasn't at the top of my list; and while I knew that others were making money with the company, it still seemed a little far fetched for me...I didn't think it was possible.

Over the next year or so there were moments when I really wanted to get working at building a business, but excuses were around every corner. The biggest one being that no one was interested in signing up because of the joining fee.

Well, not too long ago, I once again felt that I should really work at building a business with SendOutCards. I mean, after all, not only is that the reason why I originally signed up to be a distributor, but I was (am) still LOVING the system!

The joining fee no longer existed, and the options to become a customer had become much simpler, so it was much easier to share with others.  So I began to take it seriously. And by seriously I mean, I started learning about network marketing from those who are already successful at it (which, by the way, I am HUGE believer in - if you want to know about something, learn from those who are considered experts in it). I've been reading books; following those who are successful in SendOutCards; listening in to weekly conference calls. I created business cards - with the SOC photo store of course! And I began re-sharing it with those one had once shown an interest. And I have even begun sharing it strangers.

Why all this?? One might ask. Simple: I believe in my product and believe that everyone could benefit from it, for either personal or business use (or both!!). It's a fantastic product: sending out greeting cards for under $2/card, including postage, and all I have to do is type. The company does the rest. And my recipient then receives a high-quality, heartfelt card that could be personalized to various degrees.

And, not only do I love the product itself, I love how the company was founded and their philosophy: Send Out to Give. Again simple. Why send a card? Because people deserve to know when they are appreciated; when you are grateful for them; when they've done a good job; that it was nice meeting them; when they've completed something wonderful in their life; that graduating is a big deal. They deserve to be celebrated for their birthdays and anniversaries and other important moments in their life. And the amazing thing is, once you start appreciating others and lifting others up, you begin to feel better yourself. One of the greatest things I'm learning through all of this is the importance of personal development - and not the worldly mumbo-jumbo stuff either. Concrete, real-life changing, positiveness that actually is Biblical. God doesn't want us to be depressed or negative or self-seeking. And network marketing promotes the opposite of all these too. Win-win. 

Now, I encounter many excuses from people for not wanting to sign up....this beating around the bush use to really irritate me, mostly because I don't like to beat around the bush. Straight up answers is how I like to roll. Those are the best. But thankfully, I'm learning, it doesn't have to bother me; I KNOW how great my product and the value it provides. And it's not my problem if someone else doesn't see it. Another growth. Ahh, a happy sigh :)

With SendOutCards, not only can you send a fantastic greeting card for under $2/card, you can add your own handwriting, your own signatures, your own pictures, add a variety of elements, use one of the 18,000+ cards, or create or your own. You can send a postcard, a two-panel card, a tri-fold card, or a BIG card. And you can add a gift. Simple. Easy. Amazing.

So, if you want to know more about the how it works, about how to start your own life-changing gratitude challenge, or want to give the system a free test drive,  then contact me (or click one of the links & watch a short video). Christmas is coming up, and you can use a pay-as-you-go account to see how wonderfully easy you can send out those personalized Christmas cards this year. You're never obligated or receive spam. No someone who could use this service? Put them in contact with me. I guarantee that if you start sending out a heartfelt card a day, not only will you touch lives, your life will be touched.

I'm looking forward to helping you and someone who know develop a life full of more gratitude.

Take Care!

PS. Ben & Adelynne & growing baby are all doing well. Ben has one more month of school left (Hallelujah!) and Adelynne is again, still learning something everyday :) Her vocabulary is expanding everyday too :) And the little babe growing is actually somewhat noticeable now...which is a delight to some ;o)


  1. look at those cute Ady cheeks! And look at that cute baby bump! 23 weeks already. CRAZY!!!

  2. Hey, I love my cards from you!! I may 'try' it out :) There's lots going on here too so it's time I gave you a call. I'll text you first and we will set up a time that you aren't so busy ;)xoxo

  3. Haha! Ady definitely has the cutest little cheeks! You should see them when she runs lol
    Teresa, by all means give it a try :)
    I'll have to chat with both of you soon!!