Saturday, February 9, 2013

Adventures in advancing to Toddler-hood

Well, my baby isn't so much a baby any longer :(
Last week we "upgraded" her to a lovely toddler bed. She LOVES it! I can't believe that she is actually sleeping in a "big girl" bed!! The first time she slept in the bed was for nap time. It was actually quite difficult to get her to nap that day. BUT bed time was a whole other story! We had daddy put her to bed, and there were no big issues!! She did fall out of bed once, but it was because she was playing, and then daddy went back in to cuddle with her and she slept through the night with no problems! In the morning I think she was a little unsure, but now she does super great with it all. I can't believe she's getting so big!! Now all I need her to do is actually use the potty and not just know what it's for!