Friday, February 22, 2013

Adventures in Pregnancy

As of today, I have less than 3 weeks until our little baby is "scheduled" to enter the outside world. The second time around has been much different than the first. The first was a shocker. And I was looking forward to the end right from the beginning. I was sick and nauseated for pretty much the entire time. There was a decent amount of pain while my body made the necessary adjustments. A week before the due date I decided enough was enough and I tried every "natural remedy" to invoke labour. This time, nothing has been shocking about it. I was only nauseated for a short time, and thankfully only threw up a couple of times. I got a ton of energy in my second trimester, which has even carried over into my third trimester (and seeing as I have a very active toddler I am beyond grateful for this!!). The pain is much less as my body has already done this once before, and I have no intentions of trying to get this little baby girl out anytime soon. Both baby girls. Both pregnancies very different.

Yet both pregnancies have been quite similar as well. I am carrying the exact same way, even down to the side where I feel the foot in the ribs and the hiccups near the pelvis. I have the same lower back pain. And around the same time I began craving one thing and pretty much one thing only: with Adelynne all I wanted was milkshakes, this time, all I want is pie. I cannot get enough pie!! Mmmm...seriously I love pie! And I stayed small throughout my entire pregnancy.

This is where a lot of misconceptions come in. So many are under the impression that something must be wrong if you haven't looked like you gained an entire person. This isn't true. Every pregnancy is different - just like every woman is different. Our bodies are all different, and respond differently to different foods, different exercises, different stresses. So why would our bodies all look the same during pregnancy? I understand that I am not a large pregnant woman, but I also have had FOUR ultrasounds to prove that the baby growing inside of me is growing at a decent rate and is healthy, not underweight at all.

For me, I feel that there are a few factors that come into play when it comes to my "tiny" pregnancy tummy. First, I have a very long torso; it's so long that my midwife/doctor made a point of mentioning it during my first pregnancy. He was quite impressed at how long it is. When one has a long torso, there isn't as much need for the stomach to grow outward because the baby has more room length-wise. Second, I made it a priority to be back at my pre-baby weight before I became pregnant again. I heard the phrase "nine months in, nine months out" and took it to heart. I also heard/read that if you become pregnant again without losing all of the weight gained, then you can't call it baby-weight any more. So I took it seriously to lose all of the weight and to get back into shape before I became pregnant again. I also eat relatively healthy and exercise - both unpregnant and pregnant. And, I have a very high metabolism. I'm also not that large of a person in general.

Now in saying all that, it doesn't mean that my next pregnancy won't be quite different. I may look like I'm having twins with only one baby growing inside. What I am saying is that everyone is different, every body, every woman, every pregnancy. If one wants to have the chance of a "better" pregnancy, then eating healthy, exercising a regular amount, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle BEFORE becoming pregnant is a good way to heighten that chance. Again, nothing is a guarantee though, those things just help your chances.

It's really nice staying so small during pregnancy though. I can keep up with Ady relatively easily and I fit my regular clothes for quite a long time (even though I don't feel like wearing some of them again after pregnancy). What I don't like is being looked at as though my body is inadequate and unfit and my baby must not be a good size because I am so small. A friend of mine told me that everyone wants to be involved in the life that is to come into this world. She put a nice positive spin on how people generally come across when commenting on my size. It is a good view point to take, and I will try to process these comments differently now, I just think that there is a better way to put things, such as, "you look so good!" or "you must take good care of yourself" or even "you carry a baby well." These are very tasteful and comments in which I feel much more comfortable responding with a lovely smile and a thank you. The best part of her perspective was the "comeback" she came up with: I know I look great, don't I!? Ahhh yes....

In the end, please don't buy into all of the pregnancy mumbo-jumbo that's out there. There is some solid, good information out there, but there is also a lot of crap (for lack of a better term). Find some good sources and trust that your body is different than all the rest :)

The weight I do gain goes straight to my hips!!

I've got an outie!
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  1. Thanks for helping to debunk one of the pregnancy image myths - there's so many our society has set us pregnant women up against that it can be really challenging to how one feels about herself. It's so true that every woman and every pregnancy is different and we should not expect conformity.
    And, you look fabulous my sister! :)

  2. You look absolutely great; perfect size, not too big, not too small. My sis wasn't that big either although she would probably say she was ;) Keep up the good work, you make great babies!