Friday, May 17, 2013

Adventures in Welcoming Spring

Spring has finally arrived! It has been one long winter...and when I say long, I mean loooong. It got to the point where I thought it would never end. Around Easter we had some really nice weather, and we thought we were in the clear. Then BAM! Another big dump of snow.
But alas, its gone, and spring is here!

Adelynne, Lexianna, and I welcomed in spring the other by blowing bubbles on our deck and running in the grass. Well, Lexi didn't run in the grass or blow bubbles, but she sure did enjoy the sun! And so did Adelynne. Oh my did she ever! And she loved blowing bubbles.
It is such a delight to watch your wee ones take such pleasure in learning something new.

She was so cute trying her darnedest to blow bubbles; the way she would put her lips too close to the bubble wand brought a smile to my face every time. And to see the joy she got when she finally blew her own bubble. I wish that I was able to get a picture of her actually blowing out a bubble, but at least I'll still have the precious memory! In the end she ended up spilling more of the liquid than actually blowing it. Oh, but the fun she had while doing it; enough to delight anyone's heart.
Enjoying the Warm Sunshine!
The warm sun truly does wonders for the emotional state of our entire household!

After bubble blowing we continued our welcoming of spring with a most delightful juice! (We recently got a juicer for Ben's birthday - I LOVE our juicer, but that's for another day!) This juice truly was springish in my eyes. Full of strawberries,watermelon, lemon, and fennel this juice was just the right tartness with a touch of sweet. Mmm...I just love spring time!

 Adelynne enjoyed her juice in the sun!

Delightful Spring Juice
  • 1 Fennel Bulb
  • 2 Lemons
  • 1 1/2 Large Handfuls of Strawberries
  • 1/2 Small Watermelon
Put all produce through your juicer, pour over ice, enjoy while sitting in the warm sun!

To many more adventures!


  1. After watching Sick,Fat and Nearly Dead I have my whole family convinced of the benefits of juicing. I don't plan on going so hard core,but I am planning on getting a juicer :)

    Love the photos. Ady is SO big!! Can't wait to see you all in the summer!!!!

    Hugs to you all!! xo

  2. Oh... I LOVE your post. Thanks for posting. I love it. I feel like I haven't done a blog post in ages! I miss you guys. I love that you are enjoying the spring. Brings tears to my eyes when I see Ady having so much fun. Love you all. We will have a phone date soon!

  3. That's cause you haven't done a post in forever! I am looking forward to reading a new one :)
    And I'm glad you loved the post, I'm hoping to do more short ones like this! Looking forward to chatting soon!

  4. I am excited to hear of your juicing adventures! We LOVE juicing in this house! I hope you're family sticks to trusting the benefits of of it, because as you saw, it can be life changing :)

    Can't wait for our summer reunion! Hugs right back atcha ;) xo