Friday, June 28, 2013

Adventures in Reno's

Well we can finally say that we own our own home! When we received our tax return we were finally able to pay off some personal debts (praises for awesome tax returns!) and we were able to allot some of the money to something fun for us as well.While it wasn't my first choice, Ben knew right away that he wanted a trailer, and so after searching for a couple of months in several cities we found a small little trailer for $800! Not only was it a good deal, it was actually in Grande Prairie!

Originally we were only going to do a few renovations to it, and then Ben decided to do a much larger renovation! The gentleman that we bought it off of was single, lived in it, smoked and drank, and then we found a mouse-house in it I'd say it was pretty fitting that we changed out a bunch more than originally planned!

Ben started by first gutting it. He took out all of the framing: walls, beds, seats, table, everything. Even just by taking out the old stuff it began to smell better.

 Then he cleaned it...and cleaned it some more...and even some more...we wanted to make sure it was clean and livable! After cleaning was done he moved onto the framing. Instead of little skinny wood pieces, he used 2 x 4's, which are much sturdier. And despite the fact that he's not a wood worker, he did a really great job on putting it all together!

Since its a very small space, we had to keep the same layout, but we changed things up a bit: our bed tucks inside the storage space, we closed off a few areas that were previously open, we added shelving in the bathroom. We even added a sweet new counter top and some baseboards.

Once we got all of the framing done we added some new flooring. It's a really nice linoleum that looks like wood. Then we prepped the walls for paint, and began painting! We decided to go with a nice grey with blue tones. I believe there are five different colours in the pallet, and we quite like them; our trailer looks a little more modern than most I'd say! While Ben pretty much did all of the clearing out and framing, we both joined together to do the painting...and there were a few long nights to try and get it all finished up quick! We were running on such little sleep...but it got done! And it felt so great when we finally finished it all up :)

Ben then did all of the electrical work; the toilet, light fixtures, plumbing, fridge, stove. We tried to match everything together: our paint, counter top, hardware, light fixtures. We really wanted it to look nice, and we thought it would be good practice before we decorate a house one day, and I'd say it looks pretty decent.

We are now just left with creating a table that goes up and down, so that we can have another bed, and adding in a hot water tank. We've already had our first night in it, and it was well, an interesting night. Ady woke up crying in the middle of the night because she didn't know where she was, which woke up Lexi, and then Ben & I had trouble falling back asleep. Due to the lack of sleep we came up with the brilliant idea of actually moving into our trailer. Crazy. We know.
 It actually originally started out as a joke for me. Ben apparently had been thinking about it for quite some time. Our landlord was thinking about putting up our home for sale, which sparked the talks of having to possibly move again. So I joked about living in our trailer...then sleep deprived 4 a.m. came along...then we seriously talked about it, and prayed about it.

We've decided that it's best for our little family right now, and while our reasons might be prioritized differently, they are the same, which is good. As one, we need to be united, and we are united on this little crazy idea. For me, one of the biggest reasons why I'm OK doing it is because we came up here to get out of debt and while we are making progress, we came with a goal of when we'd like to be out of debt by, and so this will help us reach our goal quicker. The number one reason Ben wants to move into one is to work/build our relationships and to live a much more simpler life. And so, I'm sure we'll have many new fun adventures for you to read about! Ah yes...2 adults and 2 kidlets and one small 14ft trailer...let the adventures continue...


  1. fantastic job kids should be a real adventure for y'all, see u

  2. That looks really awesome!! :) Is this what you'll be bringing with you to Chwk at the end of July? Hope so! Can't wait to see it for myself. Love to you four.

  3. Rebecca Shartner... there is some sense of adventure in you! This is going to be an incredible little season for you guys. I will be praying for you that this builds your relationships with eachother, helps you all to form deep family bonds and is a time that you will look back on and say "remember the good old days". Love you!! Jaime

  4. looks awesome Ben hope to see you soon
    YOUR causin paul