Sunday, August 18, 2013

Adventures in a Trip Home

Just a couple of short weeks ago I made the trek home with my two babes. It was a last minute decision. The day I left was the day I decided that I was going to go (and Ben so graciously agreed to let me go). Everyone keeps commenting on how brave I am to have driven down with two little ones all by myself. I personally think it's more appropriate to comment about how brave it is of me to just be on a trip with my two littles alone for so long! They were so good on the way down...but now I think that being away from "normality" is starting to take its ware on them...and me...KUDOS single moms, kudos...

I didn't realize how much I was missing home until two specific moments. The first one: I actually cried when I saw mountains. Yep. I sure did. And I mean, real mountains. Not hills. MOUNTAINS. The Rockies are so incredible. Magnificent really. The second one: there is a spot about 30 minutes outside of my hometown, where you truly feel like you're in the thick of the rainforest as much as you possibly can be while driving down the freeway. Its brilliant really. Lush green trees, thick on either side of you. I again, started to cry. The beauty of it all; the realization that I was going to actually make it in time to see one of my dearest friends off before another year had past; the anticipation of being able to see loved ones after a year and a half had passed. I've never missed home like I have recently. I've never been so excited to come home for a visit as I have been recently. So to make the long trek was well worth it.

The girls and I have been quite busy visiting with family & friends. They have seem to enjoy visiting and meeting new people and playing with lots of kids. And I too have quite enjoyed spending time with my dear ones. I absolutely love that my girls really enjoy time with their Grandpa Greg (my daddy) and that they warm up to him so quickly (well, there was no "warming up" necessary with Lexi - she seemed smitten from the get-go!). And I love that everyone seems to truly enjoy and love my girls. Ady is just so animated and humorous, with so many different faces, not to mention quite smart and with a few little quirks (like dipping all of her food into her water cup and then eating it), that she has others laughing and smiling so much of the time she is with them. And little Lexi has a smile that is just so contagious. I'm very grateful for the time we get to spend with those that I love so my girls can also grow to love them too.

But now it's actually taking a toll on their little bodies. We've swapped houses three times now. We're up too late and awake too early. Ady seems to have come down with sort of sickness, and little Lexi is consistently needy, and I seem to be the only one who can really console her, which can be a little taxing at times. I am becoming more and more grateful for my husband who is working hard for us back home. Isn't there a saying about you don't really know what you have until its gone? I am very much looking forward to when he arrives here in a couple of weeks. Ben is incredibly helpful with our two girls; I am very blessed that he is such a hands-on daddy with them!
Well, the household is all asleep for nap time right now, so I best get a rest in too; especially since we still have so much to do!
If you're in my home town and would like to visit with us, just get a hold of me, I'm sure we'd like to see you too! Below are a couple of pictures of our lovely trip so far!

Swimming at Cultus

Reading with Aunty

Lunch Date With Grandpa
Feeding the Horsey
Meeting Goats

Cuddles with cousins

Walking Hannah


  1. Choking back the tears. So grateful you made it to the 'Wack before we left. That was one precious (almost) hour that we had together. Love you all so much. xo Mama T

  2. We are happy to have you here!!! And I need a copy of that picture of me and Ady!