Monday, March 31, 2014

Adventures in a Year Gone By - Babes Growing Like Weeds

If you have any children, you really know the meaning of "time flies." There are some days where I am completely shocked by the fact that I have a nearly 3 year old daughter, and a 13 month old daughter. This past year in particular seems to have just disappeared on me. I mean, Little Lex is already a year old?!? I feel like I can hardly remember the things that have happened during the past year!

But, I know that a lot has happened during the past year. My girls are growing and changing daily. Little Lex is now walking and talking and throws tantrums that I'm not sure whether to laugh at or...send her to her bedroom...?? Just kidding about sending her to her room; I usually just walk away. She adores her older sister, even after she's pushed her down for the third time that day. She loves to dance (and does the cutest little up and down bobbing) and she's finally beginning to love books as much as Ad and myself (its the cutest thing to catch her sitting in her chair reading a book). Little Lex is a climber, has an adventurous spirit, is much more of a pickier eating than Ad ever was, and she really likes to get her own way. She has the most beautiful smile, is a mischievously curious little girl, and brightens up everyone she meets. She loves grapes and gets ridiculously excited about dates, ice cream and meat sticks. We adore how giggly and cuddly she is.

Ad comes up with something new to say pretty much everyday. She makes everyone she meets laugh. She loves to sing and dance. She loves reading books, colouring, and playing playdough. She is obsessed with pink, but sometimes throws you for a loop and picks black or purple over pink. She wants everything Little Lex has and we can't figure out how to get her to stop chewing on her straws. She's a little bundle of energy, knows when her birthday is (and IS very excited for it to come!) and loves trips to the library. She is incredibly smart (and I'm not just saying that because I'm biased, but rather I've been told by outside sources!! *wink*), has a large vocabulary, and recognizes when an argument is happening and tells everyone to be nice to each other. She is unique and gifted in many areas. She loves being social, yet needs time to adjust in social settings and can be very shy. She's beautiful, soft-hearted, and has a mind of her own.

There are many days when I am amazed at how different my girls are. Ad loves baths; Lex could do without. Ad sits still for many books; Lex can barely get through one page. Ad knew lots of sign language and had no problem using it; Lex, despite knowing it, refuses to use it. Ad loved(s) cheese; Lex could care less. Ad was a great sleeper; I still get up with Lex too often. Ad loves swimming; Lex would be fine sitting in the hot tub. Ad ate nearly anything we gave; Lex spits out nearly anything we give her. Ad was and is much more content than Lex.

All of their differences make them so unique and lovely. And I'm grateful that I have realized how quickly time goes by. It's wonderful being able to watch the little things they do every day; the joy in their expressions; the delight when they accomplish something new. They are beautiful. They are lovely. They are funny. They are enjoyable. They are mine.

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