Saturday, June 28, 2014

Adventures in Gardening

While living in the trailer last year had its trying times, there was actually several wonderful things that came from it, one of which was coming across the house we are currently living in. This house is quite the step up from our previous places we had rented. For starters, its an actual full house, that we get all to ourselves. We have ample room now, as well as a large and gorgeous backyard. It's so incredibly wonderful having a large fenced backyard; the girls go outside and play often; we have a fire pit area; we have a shed, we have little flower gardens, and best of all we have a decent sized garden that we planted lots of yummy veggies in!

We were grateful that the previous tenants, as well as the owners, gardened before us, and so the soil was actually quite good and we didn't have to get anything new. The fencing did need some fixing up, so Ben did an excellent job with what he had, and then we got rid of all of the previous years junk in it, rototilled it, created our rows and then planted those little seeds! I definitely don't consider myself a gardener by any means. I haven't had a garden since I was a kid, so I don't entirely know what I'm doing, but it sure is exciting!

I don't know if I've bitten off more than I can chew, but in our garden we are trying to grow some kohlarbi, carrots, beets, radishes, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, spinach, kale, white & coloured swiss chard, yellow & green zucchini, and some watermelon. So far we have beets, radishes, lettuce, spinach swiss chard and zucchini growing up! It's so fun to actually see the growth! Although a little sad knowing that I may have pulled up some plants that I thought were weeds...oh well...there's always next year!

I have been trying to get Ady involved as much as I could, however, she hasn't been so keen on getting her hands kind of makes helping out in the garden a little tougher. Plus she gets bored easily. Or something like that. Maybe its just with stuff she doesn't find particularly fun, like weeding. I did try to make it fun! Is that possible for kids? I'm not sure, but it is pretty funny to watch her in the dirt. "Mommy!! I need my hands washed!" "Mommy!! My hands are dirty!" "Mommy! There's a bug!" Thankfully though, I think she may have conquered this dirt fear at a recent trip to the river!

I have been trying to teach Ady that the seeds we planted earlier are now growing into plants that we can eat! Thankfully, now that the veggies are actually growing, she is beginning to understand :) She recognizes the lettuce, and she is beginning to understand that weeds aren't good and which ones are weeds and which ones aren't. We are all very much looking forward to eating up some yummy non-gmo, organic, homegrown delicious veggies!

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