Friday, August 8, 2014

Adventures In Three's

Birthday girl!
Last month we celebrated our oldest daughter turning THREE. I am most certainly a typical parent when I say "I can't believe I have a three year old! She's just growing so fast!" But it's true. There are many days when I am in disbelief over this fact. She's ridiculously talkative and really smart. Loves music, singing and make up her own songs. She adores dolls, princesses, and the colour pink. She has fun blowing bubbles and playing in water. She now has a new love for swimming with her daddy. She's fascinated with books and will become your best friend if only you'll sit and read to her. She loves the Berenstain Bears, Franklin, and Fancy Nancy. She loves being fancy and playing outside in her dresses. She squeezes her sister too hard out of love. She also will throw away her toy if she doesn't want her sister to take it from her (somewhere were her sister can't get it). She desires to do more crafts and currently loves her giant book of stickers. She's learning to actually colour within lines. She thinks watching movies is one of the best things to do. She loves camping and digging in the sand. She has the best laugh and comes up with some of the funniest things to say. She makes us smile with all of her made up songs and how shy she gets when asked to tell a joke. She loves going to church and playing in her classroom. She's eager to have more friends. She has a thirst for learning. She thinks being cozy is pretty awesome. She brings joy to all she meets. She is full of energy and wiggles and wiggles and wiggles. She'll tell you her hair is golden-red if you ask. She loves quinoa, pancakes, and her magnesium drink. She loves new things and is particular. She adores her daddy and loves being chased and tickled by him. She craves quality time the most.
We have a three year old. A three year old who is fascinating and delightful and a bundle of joy.  

Camping joys
We were finally able to go camping for THREE days this summer. Beautiful, stress-free, technology-free, relaxing camping. The girls really enjoyed being out in nature, just getting to play and hang out with mommy & daddy all day. It was so lovely to just spend some quality time together, actually playing as a family. I think it's pretty safe to say that those three days were/are some our favourite days during this three months of summer. Watching the girls take pleasure in playing outdoors seems to bring a peace to the soul. Kids can be a lot of work at times, and therefore I love those beautiful moments; they're grounding and they seem to just melt the rest of the world away. 

We are, Lord willing, going to be visiting family and friends in THREE short months! We chose not to visit this summer, but are very much looking forward to a visit and a fantastic wedding celebration in the early winter. We actually love parties (well, Ben & the girls do, I actually love the celebrating part...) so Ady is very excited to wear a fancy dress and be a flower girl for the first time for lovely God-parent and I am excited to watch this joyous occasion happen!! 

6 Months!
Another exciting event is going to be happening in THREE very short months: we're adding our THIRD child to the Little Schartner Family bundle! Yep! We are all quite excited about our little one who is going to be joining us very shortly. I have had the most perfect pregnancy that any woman could ever ask for and am very, very grateful for that. It's a wonderful feeling, knowing that after this one comes into the world, we will be entering into the last of this baby stage, and then entering into a whole new one. 

We hope that you've been enjoying your summer as much as we have ours! Below are just a few more pictures of our short, but delightful summer :) 

Enjoying some time at the lake :)
Ady loves her stickers!!
Lexi got a new-to-her toddler bed!
I leave for not even 5min...
Enjoying our $5 purchase
Enjoying some time in our homemade pool
Such delight
Getting "Thank-You" Bags ready for her party

Kiddie rides all by herself at WEM!

Loving river time!

Reading books together

Park Joy

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