Friday, December 5, 2014

Adventures in a Third Birth

Three weeks ago today our newest family member joined us. Making his grand entrance on November 14, 2014 at 4:14 a.m. on a chilly Friday morning, Uriah Johann Gabriel weighed 7lbs 10oz. He came quickly, like the other two, letting me know that he was ready to come out at 12:33 a.m. and then once he was really ready, he joined us within a matter of 2-3 minutes. I for one am
extremely grateful for how quickly, and I guess one could say, efficiently, my little babies decide to join us on the outside.

We had assumed that Uriah would decide to join us early like his big sisters did; it wasn't until closer to his due date that we had learnt of the "wild-card rule" of the third baby. I would have loved to have heard of this "rule" much earlier as we were really hoping that he would arrive early!
We were down visiting family and friends a couple of weeks before his birth and we had thought that it would have been a great time for him join us so that everyone could meet him before he turns a year old. I had hopes that my dad would get the chance to hold his darling grandson as a newborn, as I know that I won't be presenting him with another opportunity like such again. I had also had hopes of having him almost anywhere but here in the local hospital because of my fears and anxiety's surrounding the hospital here; I had only heard one good birthing story but many stories about incompetent nurses and things going bad. I am also very much a naturalist and prefer no intervention of any kind, which is contrary to a lot of others in this area. However, the Lord had other plans (which tends to be a running theme in our life...).

We arrived on the maternity floor around 1:30/2 a.m. with my birth plan and hospital bags all ready to be moved in. Thankfully it was quiet and empty. At the time that I got checked I was only about 1 cm dilated, and the nurse had given me the option to either head on home or I could walk around for an hour and then come back to get rechecked. Knowing my body, I chose the latter, and then not even a full hour later I went back to her and asked her to recheck me. Sure enough I as 5 cm along and so she checked me in.

Something that was important to me was that I had the least amount of people in my room as possible. And so I was grateful that I only had one nurse, who turned out to be wonderful and very competent, and respectful and personable. She didn't continually come into my room to pester me but just allowed me do what I needed to do. And while I know that that was partly due to them being understaffed (which is usually the case), I am super grateful for this and it allowed my experience to be that much better.

So about an hour after being admitted, my doctor had arrived, but by 9 cm my water had still not broke yet. At this point, while my back pain was fairly severe, and my contractions were really strong, I was still able to function and feel very much in control of my body, and more so, my head space. Feeling aware and in control is actually quite important to me, as is the fact that I know my body and am aware of what it wants to do (for example I knew that I wanted to give birth standing/in the squatting position as I could tell that is what my body wanted to do, but no one would let me <insert 'grrr' face here> ). Enter in my husband. Because I was nearly 10 cm my doctor wanted to break my water for me so that I could just start pushing, as I had already stated that I was pretty much ready to push (and it was just a little after 4 a.m. so I'm sure she wanted to get a few more hours of sleep before she had to deliver any more babies). Knowing my previous experience with having my water broken for me I was extremely hesitant, as I didn't want to lose control of what was going on. My sweet darling husband, feeling that I was taking too long to make a decision, sided with the doctor, and gave me that darn pleading look of "it's OK, it'll be fine, let's just do this," all because he was done seeing me in pain. So that darn face suckered me in (again!)! Dammit! Don't get me wrong, I love my husband dearly; I wouldn't anyone else by my side, especially while giving birth, but sometimes I wish I would just put my foot down a little firmer and not succumb to his pleading looks of "please can we do this..." because after that, I lost my head space, and had to focus extra hard on what Ben was relaying to me from the nurses instructions as the nurses themselves began to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher. As I began the pushing process my body began remembering the pain of it all and there was a point in-which I didn't want to push because it hurt so bad and therefore I was trying to close my legs up so that I didn't have to do it again and I was craving just a moment, a single moment, where everything would just stop so that I could refocus. I think about this now and chuckle, as really, it doesn't help to delay the pushing process! But, then within a matter of minutes our beautiful baby boy entered the world.

Moments after his arrival
I am grateful for how well my story went. I am grateful that the Lord put my fears to ease by blessing me with a quiet hospital, a great nurse and a doctor who was willing to follow my birth plan. I am grateful we were in a hospital and not alone on the side of the road as was a previous concern because I ended up having quite a few large clots that Ben and I wouldn't have known what to do with. I'm grateful for my husband; he is a source of strength and encouragement. I'm grateful for my incredibly sweet, beautiful boy, who is eating and sleeping so well.

His big sister's are gentle and sweet to him. They love him so much; desiring to hold him and kiss him all the time. And Ben and I are blessed to have a little boy join us. Uriah Johann Gabriel Schartner is the perfect addition to our family.
Daddy with his little boy

Big sister Lexianna took a liking to baby Uriah
I love this picture ~ big sister Adelynne is so in love!
One day old
Two Days Old

I'm a proud momma!
Three Weeks Old

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